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The idea for Bash The Bible was born when we realised the positive impact of curated content on enriching people's scriptural journey. We wanted to bring the availability of good Christian literature into the modern age through developing a digital bibliography that creates structure to help Christians connect with the word of God and cultivate their Biblical voice. At Bash The Bible we take a non-denominal approach to our content as part of our commitment to make the choice of the best of scriptural literature readily available to every Christian in the world, regardless of their denomination, race, gender or place of residence. We hope you enjoy our product. Please let us know if we can improve them in any way, shape or form.


Our Inventory


More than 40 commentary series from every publisher in the industry, including some you have probably never heard of.


Bible Studies

Thousands of biblical, theological, socio-historic and biographical study titles from Genesis to Revelation

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Reference Works

Dictionaries, concordances, atlases and more. Every reference work you need to dig deeper into the Bible



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A complete digital bibliography of books on the Bible

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Book a 30 minute slot and one of our bibliographers will deliver every available title in your area of interest.

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Title Tours

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Join us for one of our regular scheduled tours of all the best titles dedicated to your next area of Bible study

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